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Top 5 Time Savers

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

We all lead busy lifestyles these days, not least if you are trying to juggle a career with having children and looking after a house. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of things that you feel that you need to fit in to each day, week and month.

We’re giving you our top 5 tips for busy mums to save you some time:

1. Evaluate your time

If you stop and assess your daily schedule, you will probably find that you are spending time on tasks or activities which could be deferred or stopped completely. As a starting point, it can be a useful activity to record everything you do over a few days, making sure you look at a weekday and weekend for comparison. There are plenty of apps which can help with this.

Once you have done this, go back through everything and categorise into three sections. The ‘immediate action’ items; those which need to be actioned but can be done in the forthcoming days; the long-term projects; and the ones that can be stopped altogether.

2. Share childcare and lifts

It is very likely that wherever you live, there will be someone near by who goes in the same direction as you, either to school or work. Build relationships with other parents or colleagues so that you can share childcare responsibilities, especially school runs. Be mindful though, there should be a balance so do raise it if you are taking on too much.

3. Meal Planning

Having a meal plan for the coming week or fortnight has so many benefits. It means that you only have to think once about what you will be cooking, plus it provides you with a ready made list for your supermarket shopping. It should also mean less food waste, as you will only buy what you need. If you are super organised, you could also plan to make additional quantities of things like bolognese or lasagne, that could then be frozen in individual portion sizes.

4. Secret Stash

Keep your own box or drawer out of reach of children, which includes scissors, glue, sellotape, pens and sticky labels. It means that you do not have to spend time finding these items when you most need them. It’s also a great go-to when you need to wrap presents or write cards, as everything is in one place.

5. Car Bag

Keep an ‘emergency’ bag in the car, containing wipes, a bottle of water, clean clothes (including for you), a plastic bag, plasters and anti-bacterial gel, plus nappies if your children are younger. It means that if you do have a spillage or accident in the car, you’re not trying to find a shop or pharmacy for clean ups. If your children are of pre-school age, it can also be useful to keep a spare potty in the car for unexpected toilet stops. That way, you are covered if you can not find a public toilet or if your child has stage fright using them.

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