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Why Choose Independent Schooling

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Thousands of parents send their children to independent schools each year, even with the current economic climate. It’s not a surprise, when you consider that pupils in independent education are twice as likely to achieve top grade A-level results than a pupil in state school.

There are plenty of other reasons why independent schooling may be the best option for your children.


With class sizes in state schools reaching 25-30, your child can easily get lost, especially if they are gifted or have additional needs. Classes in independent schools are much smaller, which means that your child will receive quality attention that is tailored to their own needs.

The A level results speak for themselves. A report in summer 2017 showed that 47.9% of pupils at independent schools gained A* or A grades at A level, compared to 26.3% across all school types.

Teachers in independent schools are likely to have advanced levels of education themselves, with many having completed professional training in their specialist subject area. They are also not constrained by the regulations or budget restrictions of government controlled schools, so experience much more job satisfaction and dedication. Within boarding schools, the teachers and other staff will be in close contact with your child so act as excellent role models.

Parent Involvement

In independent schools, the parents and administration work closely together with frequent parent-teacher meetings, as well as social events and parent committees. This fosters a strong bond with the school. It also means that staff can understand the child’s family environment and respond accordingly, which is especially important in boarding schools. The relationship between parent and child should also be strengthened if the parents feel more in tune with their child’s education.

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Thanks to the tuition fees, the facilities available at independent schools will way exceed those found at state schools. Swimming pools, tennis courts and rugby pitches are commonly found. Classrooms and the education areas will be better maintained and much more well stocked than at state schools.

Extra-curricular Activities

Independent schools offer a range of extra-curricular clubs and activities, covering everything from sports, music and drama to languages and interest groups. They are also more likely to offer schemes such as Young Enterprise and the Duke of Edinburgh Award. These activities are not only great for expanding your child’s knowledge and experience, but are also brilliant for building important life skills. Independence, resilience, confidence and discipline are all encouraged.

Building for The Future

It’s not just academic results that are boosted by attendance at independent schools. Pupils finishing independent secondary education are likely to achieve higher GCSE and A level results, and be more successful at gaining university places.

The experience of attending independent school can be invaluable as an adult too. Your child will be comfortable in mixing with peers from different backgrounds and cultures, and is likely to forge friendships that continue well into adulthood. There is a great sense of community and working together to be learnt from boarding, that will last a lifetime.

Whatever your reasons for choosing independent school education for your children, you can take great comfort in the fact that you are giving them an excellent start in life.

Photo Credit to HJ Photography

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