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The Super Mum Story

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Tired? Unproductive? Not sure when you last washed your hair? Well that’s just motherhood isn’t it?

Jessica Rashleigh

I used to be a wing it kind of a girl and trust me it was a complete disaster on so many levels. It wasn’t until I started implementing some simple strategies that things started to change. It made me productive, profitable, happy and healthy. So, imagine my dismay, when on becoming pregnant, that everyone started telling me it was all about to go to the dogs.

People love to offer the new parent advice, even people who hadn’t had kids, plus so much of it was negative. You’ll never shower, you’ll never sleep, you’ll never eat, go out, look nice, do anything good or worthwhile with your life ever again. Wow, they really sell it to you, don’t they! Well, I decided that wasn’t going to be me. I didn’t want to fly through parenthood “winging it”. I didn’t want to be scummy, unwashed or hitting the gin by 10 am.  I still wanted to run my own businesses, stay in shape, keep a nice home, feel organised, structured and productive. I wanted to love my life, love my motherhoodand continue to be the person I wanted to be.

The weird thing was I found this approach to motherhood very isolating. The negative images of motherhood were everywhere and I found myself being mocked for wanting more, not even more, just something different. I am a strong woman, with strong opinions and one of these opinions is that we are all entitled to our OWN opinions. However, I was finding that a lot of people don't act this way and you can often feel pulled apart for simply being you.

I launched the Super Mum Society to help others become the mothers they want to be, to empower the super mum in all of us and create a safe community for mums like me. Where we can learn, grow, support, motivate and applaud each other. #proudtobeasupermum, because yes we are super!

I've been referred to as a "mum coach, a "curator of experts", a "proactive parent" and a "mum motivator", but in the end I'm just a woman who believes we all deserve to live a life we love! 

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