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The Perfect Memory Box

When they are first born you want to keep everything. Scan photos, footprints, umbilical cord. Deciding what to actually keep and how to store it is particularly difficult. Many of us find we have boxes and drawers of stuff that seem to have such an emotional pull it would break our hearts to remove even a single thing. For our daughter’s second birthday we created a lovely memory box, featuring her key pieces from the first two years. I was overwhelmed when I went through every I had kept. I didn’t want to get rid of anything, but I also did want to stuff her beautiful box full of things either.

The first step is to select your memory box. Choosing a beautiful way to store the memories is a very inspiring way to help reduce what goes in it. Special memory boxes are reserved for purely the most special items. We hunted high and low to find our favourite options.


Luxury Vintage Style Memory Cases

"For me keeping memories has a very special meaning - I lost my mum when I was 5 and don’t have any memories of her or keepsakes from my first years. When I had my daughter Maisie it was SO important to me to have a special place to treasure her firsts and for her to be able to in the future.” - Says Marie Founder of Meminio

"The reason meminio was born was we couldn’t find anything on the market that was big enough or beautiful enough to keep those keepsakes that mean so much. I started keeping Maisie’s firsts in my nan's vintage suitcase and then there was no looking back.” Says Marie Founder of Meminio

Read Creations

Wooden Memory Boxes for all ages and occasions

‘My children often ask me about details of their birth etc. which I can’t answer because I didn’t store all the keepsakes that new mother’s keep today. Unfortunately, I can’t go back in time although I now realise the importance of storing memories throughout life. Keepsakes from Weddings, Births, Christenings, Baptism, Naming Ceremony, Schooling, Holidays, Special Occasions all need to be stored safely in a memory box which will last for years to come.’

- Says Jenny of Read Creations

The next step is to specifically specify what your memory box is for. We decided Felicity’s would be for very key items relating to her. Because of this, we have created some additional keepsake boxes. Such as Daddy’s Box, Mummy’s Box, Birthday Invites Box (ones from her parties) and Christmas Card Box (ones we have sent with our family photo on). I was also given a key phrase by a friend that helped me define what would go in her main memory box. "Will Felicity care about this when she is grown up?” With every item, I asked this question and it really reduced down my pile.

Lastly, label and pack the items. The sad fact is that one day we will be gone and some of these items won’t be able to tell their story in full. Creating labels explaining what the item is and why it mattered is very handy. Be very careful to wrap fragile items. It would be very sad to break a little irreplaceable treasure.

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