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Party Planning 101 From The Ultimate Expert

Gone are the days of just a dry jam sandwiches, strawberry jelly and ice cream as a treat.

My own memories of my early birthday parties were of simple food spreads of ham sandwiches but those memories were always happy ones. Being born in February, I had to battle with the prospects of bad weather spoiling my party plans. It always seemed to snow on my birthday. Along with living in the middle of nowhere, in the Kent countryside, I was never sure who would make it to my party if it snowed. My parents never used a birthday entertainer as many parents do today. We just had our parents playing the traditional party games. Such as musical bumps but that was the norm growing up.

Today parents spend on average £309 on a small kids party at home.

We all want the best for our children and we are getting more inventive when it comes to birthday themes. Spending more money on creating luxury birthday bashes for our little ones. We are instagram generation, we are increasingly striving for perfection when it comes to organising our kids birthday.

I set up my company Mrs Myrtle after a demand for luxury birthday bashes came apparent after creating elaborate parties for my own two girls. I received lots of lovely comments and encouragement to start up my party.

When you are thinking about creating a party you need to consider these items:

3 months before:

· Number of guest including grandparents you would like to invite.

· Think about what sort of theme you want

· Ask class teacher/ class rep for up to date class list.

· What size venue you need to hire for the number of guests your inviting.

· Book an entertainer

· Book a photographer

· Book a cake maker

2 months to go:

· Get invites out early as weekends get booked up early. Ask for dietary requirements.

· Give deadline for RSVP

· Put feelers out for extra help from family friends to set up.

2 weeks to go:

· Find out are adults staying or dropping and leaving?

· If adults are staying, provide a small grazing table and some drinks for them

· Access to outside space if you have large party and active kids

· Call venue to check booking is all ok and time you can get in.

1 week to go:

· Confirm extra help is still available

· Buy non perishable food like crisps

1 day to go:

· collect cake or confirm cake maker time delivery for party day

· make food for tea party like sandwiches. *Tip cover sandwiches with a damp clean tea towel to stay fresh*

Day of the party:

· Make sure you enjoy yourself and see the smiles of your little one.

If you are struggling to think of a theme, here is a quick guide to my top themed parties out there for 2019.

Disney’s Frozen themed parties were in the height of popularity in 2014 but the echo’s of “Let it go! Let it go!“ bellowing loudly in church halls have fallen to the way side.

Elsa and Anna entertainers might be hanging up their blonde wigs but a new wave of party trends are replacing those are ice crowns!

1) Unicorn

So the fairy tale can be brought to life and unicorns can be real. Fantastic fun to create and we all wished we could have a unicorn as a pet at one time in our lives didn’t we?

Lots of online party suppliers stock some great Unicorn themed party products.

2) Moana parties/ Tropical

Aloha! This fun and bright party will transform any bland village hall into a tropical parade. Disney’s strong female lead character, Moana, is increasingly popular as a birthday theme and overtaking Frozen themed parties and is a choice with kids. We’ll all be singing “you’reeee welcome” fifty times a day instead of “Let It Gooooo” soon.

3) Sleep over Party

Oh no! It ‘s not just bunking up with your mates or crashing out top-to-tail. Bespoke sleepover parties are all the rage. These beautiful pop-up little A-frame tents with trendy individual cool patterns are great if you have space in your house.

4) Pamper Party

Cucumbers at the ready! Children’s pamper parties are popular choice with girls 8-13 year olds when their interest in makeup increases. Nail files and face packs galore.

5) Mini Festival

Pitch up and chill. The Festival party rocks your inner hippy chick and is a great little way to celebrate a party in summer months. Glitter tattoo’s at the ready. Great companies like The Little Top www.thelittletop create magical festive environments for kids and adults too. This theme is popular with teens too as this chill out theme is “sick” aka cool in proper English.

6) Pottery party

Fire up those creative minds with a pottery party. Paint your own plate or mug with fun colours and pick up your creations a few weeks later. ( child be the next Emma Bridgewater?

7) Woodland Garden

Magical animals and creepy crawlies beware! Utilise our beautiful British parks green spaces and get back to nature. It is great way for boys and girls to get to run of some steam and get some fresh air. Create a magical woodland treasure hunt. Get the kids to look under boulders and old fallen trees stumps. You’ll be amazed at what you can find and discuss.

8) Star Wars

In a galaxy far, far away we call your front room, let the force be with you on creating this timeless Star Wars fun party. Great parting gift instead of the a party bag is a giant bubble wand.

Written By Jenny Hodge from Mrs Myrtle

A home-grown company with a big imagination, specialising in party and event planning. We take the hassle away from your busy lives by styling that memorial occasion.




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