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Make Gratitude Fun For The Kids

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

One of the best qualities is gratitude. When we are thankful for the things we have around us, we are positive and happy. Therefore, people who have a gratitude attitude are a lot healthier and have a better lifestyle. While we can easily incorporate gratitude into our life, it’s also important to make sure the kids do too. We don’t want small humans who are ungrateful and unhappy about their life. But while we can encourage them to be thankful and appreciate kindness and gifts, it’s a good idea to find ways to show them how it can be a positive experience for them. Therefore, here are some easy ways to make gratitude fun for the kids.

Play the alphabet game

An easy but fun game for the kids, you should get them to say something they are thankful for beginning with each letter from the alphabet. You could play this while at home eating dinner or even during a car journey. The whole family can get involved as you make your way through the alphabet. You can begin with A and then they will soon get into their stride as they go through each letter. If they do get stuck, you can pass the letter on to another member of the family. While the game is fun, it’s also a great way to remind them of things they are thankful for in their life. And it’s also excellent for helping their spelling as they think of words beginning with different letters.

Make creative thank you cards

It’s so important you get the small humans in your life to say thank you and appreciate the gifts or acts of kindness they have experienced. One fun way you can get the kids to show gratitude is by getting them to create some thank you cards. Let them design the front with pencils or paint and let them have some fun with it. Little ones love to get creative and messy so they will love this activity. And once they have designed it, make sure they spend time writing a special message to the person. Whether it’s to thank their relative for taking them out for the day or even to a neighbour for giving them their ball back, it will help them to understand to show gratitude in their daily life.

Have a gratitude scavenger hunt

All kids love to go on an adventure, so a scavenger hunt will be a great hit with your family. Place items in the garden such as your small human’s favourite toy or book, and then let them go on a hunt to find them. When they find the items they love, they have to tell you why they are grateful for the item and thankful for it being in their life. Not only will a scavenger hunt mean they get out in the outdoors but it will also help them to show gratitude and thankfulness. You can also get them to capture each item to put in a photo album of all their favourite things they are grateful for.

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