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How to Stay Productive when you Work from Home

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Whether you have the odd day out of the office working from home, or it’s your base for all of your working hours, it can be tough to remain productive. There are always things that need doing around the house and other distractions, which can take time away from what you are supposed to be focussing on.

Have a look at our tips for keeping your working from home productivity level high:

Get Organised

It does speak for itself but being organised will give you lots of benefits. You will save time overall by knowing what you need to be doing and by when, plus you won’t miss deadlines or important tasks. Some people prefer to use pen and paper, or perhaps a planner, or there are lots of online options and apps available. Keep trying out different options if you find that the method you have chosen does not function effectively for you. You don’t want to be wasting time trying to get your organiser to work!

Filter Your Notifications

Many of us do not even notice how much time we spend on responding to notifications on our phones, tablets and laptops. By switching your notifications off, or even just on to silent, you can keep one distraction at bay. It should also mean that your mind stays focussed on the task at hand, allowing you to complete it quickly and efficiently.

Set Boundaries

In the same way that you wouldn’t necessarily keep stopping for breaks or a chat with a friend in an office, you need to set boundaries when you are working from home. This applies to yourself, and to others. Be clear with friends, family and colleagues what your working hours are, and that you are not available for non-work activities until after these times.


Whilst it can be challenging to make time for yourself when you have a deadline to meet, or a new business to build, self-care is vital. By looking after your health and wellbeing, you will be ensuring that you are working at your optimum level and there should be less re-work required.

If you can, try to have a regular break, ideally taking some time away from your screen or equipment. If this is challenging, perhaps use a timer to remind you to down tools and have a quick rest. Even five minutes will be beneficial, especially if you can get some fresh air and hydration.

It’s also really important to be honest with yourself. If a particular task is not going well, take a break from it, either as a full break or picking up another task. You should feel more motivated when you go back to the original one. Also, if your working environment is not comfortable or too isolated, make changes. There are plenty of shared workspaces available to rent or even sitting in a cafe that has WiFi gives you different surroundings and might inspire some more productivity.

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