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Christmas Fun With Family Games

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Do you play Christmas games with your family? Perhaps it’s a favourite way to pass the time whilst you’re waiting for the big lunch, or a distraction to the suggestion of a bracing post-meal walk? There are loads of brilliant Christmas party games you can play and you can involve the whole family, plus it’s a brilliant way to keep the screens locked away. So it’s time to put away the tired old Twister and Trivial Pursuit, and start some new game traditions!

Dream Christmas

Mystery Stocking

This is an easy game that even the youngest of children can get involved with. Find an empty Christmas stocking which is not too big, and ideally made of stretchy fabric. Put a small object inside the stocking, so that the outline shape of it can be seen. Each person in the game gets a turn to first only look at the stocking and have a guess at what’s inside. If there’s no correct guess, each player can take a turn to have a short feel of the object (through the stocking). Choose objects which are fairly easy to guess and nothing too valuable or breakable!

Test Your Memory

Reminisce about The Generation Game with this game to see if you can remember a number of items. Find a large tray or table and arrange 10 – 12 different objects on it, the Christmassy the better! Allow each person a set amount of time to study the display and try to memorise what’s on there.

Then you can either send everyone out of the room, remove one or more items and then ask people to identify what’s missing. Or you can make it more difficult by covering over the tray and asking the players to write down as many items they can remember. Make sure you have removed any phones or other devices that could be used for cheating!

Pin the nose on Rudolph / Pin the carrot on the snowman

Again this is a great game for involving all the family, and can prove to be hilarious for grown-ups after a few sherries! You can draw a big picture, print one out or buy a ready made kit. Blindfold each player and give them a nose or carrot to pin on the appropriate place on the picture. If you’re worried about your walls, use stickers instead. Ensure that your picture is big enough to take account of poor shots!

Blindman’s Buff

Blindfold one person, whilst all the other players stand up in a room. The objective is for the blindfolded player to identify all of the other players. If they touch one of the players that person must say ‘ho ho ho’ and the blindfolded must try and guess from their voice.

Christmas Tree Dress Up

In a similar vein to the Halloween game of turning someone into a mummy with toilet roll, choose teams with one player nominated to become the Christmas tree. The other players in their team should decorate them with tinsel, baubles, wrapping paper and anything else you can spare. The best dressed tree wins!

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