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5 Ways To Reduce Stress When Planning Your Kid’s Party

Celebrating a small human’s birthday is a special occasion for a family. Your nearest and dearest all get together and look back on the year of your child’s life as they enter a whole new chapter. However, birthday parties are often a stressful occasion for a parent. In fact, a lot of parents end up starting to plan the party months before the child’s birthday. Everything from the venue to invites can leave us mums in a tizz. In fact, here are 5 ways to reduce stress when planning your kid’s party.

Accept those offers of help from family and friends

We are all so polite. When a friend or family members ask us if we need help, we always decline. But do accept those offers of help and let your nearest and dearest lend a hand. Give them those time consuming small jobs which will free up some of your checklist for the party. Whether you need them to decorate those cakes, put the party bags together or even sort out a music playlist, these little jobs will help save you a ton of time and will ensure you feel less stressed when planning your child’s party.

Do prepare and freeze food before the day

When parents leave preparing all that party food until the day, it leads to a stressful mum before the party even begins. Therefore, you should make sure that a couple of days before, you prepare all those tasty treats. You might not realise but you can freeze delicious party food favourites such as cupcakes and quiches. That way, you can just defrost them the night before the party.

Go simple on the theme

A lot of people try to choose a unique theme their kid will love for their small human’s party. But just remember the more unique you go, the more stress you will have hunting down everything you need for the party. Therefore, go for a simple theme that will cut down those hours you are searching the shops for accessories for your kid’s ‘do.

Limit the numbers

It’s so easy for the numbers to spiral when it comes to your kid’s party. After all, you feel like you need to invite certain kids and their siblings often go to the party too. But for the sake of your stress levels, limit the numbers for the party. Your kid will be happy with just a few of their close friends. And it will become a lot less stressful with just a handful of kids to entertain.

Host the party away from your home

A lot of parents get stressed when it comes to hosting a party in their home. After all, making sure there is enough space to entertain a dozen kids is stressful. And having to do a big clean up before the families arrive is enough to send your stress levels spiralling. Therefore, remove your host duties by hosting the party at an external venue. They will do all the hard work of cleaning and ensuring there is enough space for the kids. And you can just sit back and enjoy your child’s birthday and head home later without a ton of washing up to do!




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