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5 Ways To Keep A Cold Away

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

It’s that time of the year again when it’s difficult to avoid a cold. You find friends and family are all sneezing and sniffling when you see them. And when you have small humans, it’s so easy to pick up colds from being around them and their little friends. However, a cold doesn’t have to be a guarantee this winter if you follow a few simple things. In fact, here are 5 ways to keep a cold away from your life.

Follow a healthy diet & keep hydrated.

Making sure you are eating healthy food is so important if you want to stay well so your routine isn’t interrupted. Therefore, cook plenty of fresh food which will help you build up your immune system to fight off those germs. You should include five portions of fruit and vegetables in your diet as these will help you to build up those essential nutrients you need to stay well. As well as eating well, ensure you hydrate regularly. Take a bottle of water around with you when you are out and about and make sure it’s water and not fizzy drinks and coffee that you are indulging in. If you get dehydrated, you are at higher risk of getting bugs.

Keep your home clean and tidy

It’s time to give the house a good clean if you want to stay away from colds this season. You would be shocked how many germs are hiding in your home. Therefore, you need to scrub the sides and clean those door handles which is a common way germs are passed between people. You should also tidy all the clutter in your home. That way, there will be no place for germs to hide in your home. Giving the home a good clean and tidy will also mean you can get rid of dust and pests too.

Wash your hands regularly

You need to make sure that you wash your hands regularly if you want to stay away from colds. Whether you have shaken someone’s hand who has a cold, or touched a dirty surface, it’s so important to make sure you wash your hands so germs can be washed away. It’s a good idea to carry a hand sanitizer with you so that you can wash your hands while you are on the go.

Exercise regularly

You might not think exercising and colds would be related. But keeping healthy by exercising is a great way to keep colds away. Working out helps you to stay healthy and helps you to boost your immune system which can stop you picking up those colds. And making sure you exercise is so important for keeping you fit and healthy.

Stay positive

Having a positive attitude can also have an effect on whether you can stay away from colds. Therefore, try to smile regularly and do things in your life which makes you happy. Whether that’s practising positive thinking, spending time with your other half, or reflecting on the good times, it will soon boost your immune system.

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