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5 Fabulous Family Traditions to Start

If you think back to when you were growing up, you are likely to think of special things you did with your family. After all, every family is unique and has its own special traditions. Whether you all played board games together on Friday nights or had a movie day with popcorn during the weekend, those special memories stick with you as you grow up and start your own family. In fact, you should start your own traditions with your family to create those special memories and to have those lovely moments as a family that you can share all together. After all, we are all so busy that it can be hard to make time for family time. Therefore, here are five fabulous family traditions to start from today.

Take 20 polaroids of birthday celebrations

When you are rushing around on your child’s birthday, it’s easy to forget to take photos from the special day. So one fabulous family tradition to start is to take photos of your child on their birthday. In fact, you should opt for polaroids which you can then display in your home and keep safe to look back on in the future. Therefore, take 20 polaroids every year on their birthday that will be ready straight away and you can put them on display in your home (I’m putting mine on the fridge door).

Have family dinners 6 nights a week and one for just mummy and daddy

When the whole family is so busy, it’s hard to find time to eat together. But it’s so important to make time for those family dinners which will stay in your memory for years to come. Therefore, make a family tradition of sitting down together as a family 6 nights a week. Your child will love eating beside you and it gives you a chance to catch up. Then the last night, have dinner with just your other half. That way, you have some small human free time to catch up with each other.

Create a family photo book once a year

When we put photos on social media or store them on our phone, we don’t often create a hard copy to keep. Therefore, one tradition to complete is to create a family photo book every year. It will allow you to add photos from your year to keep all the memories together. It will be a great thing to look back at every year to see how your family is growing.

Go to a special place as a family every year

We all have that special place we used to love going with our family. Whether it’s a restaurant, a park or even a theme park, it always has a special place in our heart. Therefore, find your special, happy place with your own family. Go there every year and you can all reminisce and spend time together as a family.

Create a family journal that you all write in

Remember those special family moments by making a journal for your family. You can all write in the journal about those moments that made you smile in the last month. It will be something you can look back at and smile. And it will become a special tradition you all do and look back at together in years to come.

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