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10 Kids Tell Us The Best Things About Parties

What makes the perfect kids party? With organising a party being a stressful time for a parent, we could all do with a little help planning that perfect party for our kid. And what better way to know what makes the best party than from asking the children themselves. Therefore, we have asked 10 kids their thoughts on the best things about parties. That way, it will hopefully give us all some ideas when organising our small human’s do in the future. And you might be surprised by the answers they gave us; a lot of playing, cake and spending time with friends is mentioned!

We firstly asked the kids the best thing about going to a birthday party:

“Playing on bouncy stuff because it's cool and I like birthdays a lot” - Ryder, age 5.

“Playing and seeing your friends” - Jasper, age 8.

“Spending time with friends so we don’t only see each other in school” -Ashleigh, age 11.

“I like going to parties because there are fun activities & games, like pass the parcel, slime making, balloon modelling etc- Eloise, age 9.

“Seeing all my family and friends in one place.”- Tilly, age 10.

“Being with all your friends and having fun, also getting a present at the end”- Joseph, age 6.

We also asked the children what thebest thing was that their parents had done for one of their parties:

“The Harry Potter cake my mum made with her friend”- Jasper, age 8.

“Brought me to flip out because I wanted my party there.”- Morgan, age 8.

“Letting me have a sleep over and it is stressful and not many of the other parents do this” - Ashleigh, age 11.

Gave me a football party and got my Grandad to be the referee- Tom, age 8.

“Piñata is always fun and buying the presents for pass the parcel. We often have a big party with all their friends and it’s always sunny, so we play in the garden all day!”- Eloise, age 9.

“Scavenger hunt, they drove 3 cars of my friends around and had hidden clues everywhere. It was so much fun” - Tilly, age 10.

“Made me a football cake because I like football”- Matilda Wilks, age 6.

And we finally asked the kids what they would love to have as their party for their next party:

“Go to the trampoline place and bounce there and invite [proceeds to list 3/4 of his preschool class] and that's all my friends I want to invite.” - Ryder, age 5.

“Live singing”- Morgan, age 8.

“A football party with loads of short football matches.” - Tom, age 8.

“For all my friends to have a sleep over. And a longer party so we can all watch a film afterwards!” - Eloise, age 9.

“More music and a bouncy castle”- Joseph, age 6.




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