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Habit Challenge 2019


Kicking off 1st June 2019.


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It’s really simple, 30 days of a habit of your choice. It could be something new or giving up something old.


You may have seen some of my journey during May doing 30 days of no sugar challenge. It’s proving tough in ways I hadn’t imaged. I’ll be continuing to share over on Instagram stories to hopefully inspire you to take on your own challenge. 


Which habit to start or stop?

No sugar is a fairly big undertaking, I wouldn’t recommend it without some serious thought, planning and medical advice. But it was important to me and I’d really looked into it (apparently not enough, which I’m sure you have guessed from my Instagram stories). You need to pick a habit that has some meaning to you, in achievable but also a challenge. I want you to use these 30 days to prove to yourself that you can take control of your life. Our habits are what make up the life we lead. Taking control of them it what helps us design our own lives.


Not used to this sort of thing? Then start off simple. Here are some ideas:


A glass of water when you first wake up.

No phone before 9am or after 9pm.

Moisturising hand, knees and elbows before bed.

Cleanse, tone and moisturise daily.

Start the day with 5 positive affirmations. 

Plan your clothes the night before.

Make your bed every morning.

5 Minutes of stretching before bed.

No electronics in the bedroom.


Already well on your way to creating a life your way? Try something that’s going to push you a bit more or something you have wanted to do for a while. Here are some ideas:


30-Minutes of exercise a day.

No coffee

No sugar - seek professional advice on this one.

The Miracle Morning - Book by Hal Elrod

Dress in your Sunday best - This one is surprisingly hard, but can have an amazing impact.

Take your own healthy lunch.

Go vegan

No Alcohol 

10-Minutes of meditation


The possibilities are endless and I'm here to support you in this 30-day challenge. Don't forget to consider the month you have planned for June. If it's going to be extra hectic for some reason, choose a simple habit. This is more about proving that you can make changes. I'm off on holiday during June and had planned to give up coffee. My very supportive other half requested I do something else as he was looking forward to coffees in the sun with me, one of our holiday pastimes. So I'm going with 10-Minutes of meditation a day. This should be about punishing yourself, just taking control.


After considering the options I'm going to be hosting the Habit Challenge in a secret Facebook group. I was hoping to get it off Facebook, but I want to make it easy and simple. Most people already have Facebook and know the basics of using.


In the group, we will support each other daily and I would encourage you to post every few days about how you are getting on, are you struggling? Is it making positive changes etc? Putting it out there into the world can be really therapeutic and have a positive impact when it comes to consistency. I will also host a short group call every Sunday at 8 pm BST, so we can share our successes and seek advice from each other. I will also be sharing some expert advice within the group too. 


To save me sending loads of group emails and annoying your inboxes, if you are thinking of joining please sign up at the top of this page.


Any questions about the challenge please let me know by email​




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