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Behind  The  Brand


Founded in July 2018, by Jessica, Super Mum to Felicity, of London, England.


The full story of why we started can be found on our about page, but like most things why something started and what it is now, varies. Our reason and drive still come from the same place. W are so much the same, but we are also very much different. Finding our feet and finding our tribe played a massive part in that. Not only from our followers, subscribers, readers, likers and commenters, but also the new team members who have joined us along the way. Everyone has played a part in our journey so far and I’m certain they will all continue to do so. We listened and we responding. Tweaking what we offered, introducing new thing and stopping what wasn't needed.


Read on if you want to know more about what we are trying to do, our ethos, values and more.


Our Aim 


We want to help mums enjoy their motherhood and love their life. Life is short and motherhood is one of the biggest blessings in life we know, but it is also one of the hardest things, especially in this modern age.


Not too long ago we were all expected to be “perfect” mothers, then things took a turn and mums all over the world started opening up online about the truth, that motherhood is hard. The sad thing now is we have gone too extreme in the other direction. Motherhood seems to be losing all ties to the love and joy it should be and solely being linked to gin, coffee, being dirty and living in a mess. Now don’t get me wrong some days all of those things do apply. But I truly believe if you don’t want them to be your “normal”, they don’t have to be. You are the designer of your motherhood. Not some meme that states “You know you’re a mum when you’re on your 7th coffee by 9 am.” 


We wanted to help mums choose the path that was right for them. A path that can be with or without coffee, with or without gin and with or without a shower every day. Okay, so we set ourselves a rather big task but don’t worry we have broken our aim down into bite-sized chunks that we will be rolling out over the coming weeks, months and in some cases years. We are here for the long haul, to make a long-term difference in the way we look at motherhood.


Our Promise To You


We promise to always be honest and open with you. To only deliver what we believe is true to our brand. To stand by our morals and values. To not promote things we don’t believe in. To never take you for granted and to always be grateful for you and what you bring to Super Mum Society.




There’s enough negativity on and offline surrounding motherhood, so we have chosen to mainly focus on the positive. That doesn’t mean we are not fully aware that there are sometimes darker days than others. That struggles manifest themselves in many forms and that some days best-laid plans fly out the window. But we choose to focus on the solutions more than the problems. We felt that this was the best course of action when it came to achieving our aim.


Wanting More


We believe as mums it’s more than okay to want beyond the basic. To learn and grow and discover new skills. Do you want to be more organised? We can help. You want to manage your time better and fit in a daily shower and self-care? We’ve got some great coaching for you. We don’t believe that just because you’re a mum you're stuck the way you are. If you want things to change you have to be willing to change, but you can totally do that and still be a mum. Don’t want to change and happy as you are, that’s ace. Then we would love to cheer you on during this amazing journey of motherhood.


Support and Encouragement


Motherhood is really HARD. We deserve daily medals and many spa days a year (or another awesome reward of your choice). But instead, we find women often see each other as competition. It makes me a little sad, to be honest. At SMS we wanted to help mums understand we can all sparkle together. You don’t need to dampen someone else’s glow to shine yourself. We want mums to stand up and be proud of what they are doing, the big and small things, and for other mums to cheers them on and say “YES, GO YOU!”. 


One thing we have found tricky is juggling supporting mums, with supporting mums in business. We don’t want SMS to become an advertising platform. We introduced a file in our Facebook group for mums to list their businesses and will always link to the website of your choice if you are being featured (guest blogger, etc). 


We also actively support mums who work for us, offering hours as flexible as possible and work from home wherever possible.




We are big believers in the value of community. As women, it’s even part of our biology to thrive in the community. It can often be so hard to find your people or tribe these days. We all run on different schedules and routines. With varying work times, personal commitments etc, you end up hanging out with other mums not really on your wavelength. At SMS we wanted to create a sense of community, where mums can be open and honest, but also proud to be super mums without fear of judgement.


Mum Judgement & Shaming


Yes, mum judgement and mum shaming are both bad and need to stop. But isn’t it funny (aka extremely annoying) that a lot of the mum brands out there preach no mum judgement and then proceed to mock mums who aren’t exactly like them? SMS welcomes mums of many varieties, but we do focus more on the non “wing it” mum. You can’t be everything to everyone and the non-winging it approach was an area not receiving much love on or offline. Interestingly I’ve yet to speak to a mum who is in fact “winging it”, most of us put in a lot of effort one way or another and I personally think we are just downplaying how much we do when we claim to be "winging it".


While on this topic, I think we need to be clear on something… Wanting to do something a certain way does not mean you are judging or shaming someone doing it another way. We can all do things differently and that’s awesome. I’m bored with people calling “mum shaming” or “mum judgement” when it’s not. All it does is become "the boy who cried wolf". Then when it really happens, no one comes running and all the sheep get eaten.




From the moment SMS was launched it was going to be a swear-free zone. I personally hate how common swearing is in our day to day lives. Yes, I do swear from time to time, but it slips out and anyone that knows me knows that when it does there’s really an issue. I don’t want to hear it used when there’s an actual word that can be used. I don’t even want to see it with half the letters st**ed  out. Personal choice? Yes probably, but as I was the blood, sweat and tears behind the launch of SMS it’s my prerogative. Plus, it was another thing too commonly linked to motherhood and I refuse to be dictated to by someone else’s version of what being a mum is.


Coffee and Alcohol


You can be a super mum and drink neither. You can be a super mum and drink both. You can be a super mum and be vegan or veggie or pescatarian or a full-on meat eater. What you consume does NOT define motherhood. While yes I am a bit of a health nut (I sobbed through a whole YouTube video explaining why) and I would love everyone to be healthy, I’m not for a second saying don’t consume either. At the time of writing this, I am drinking a coffee, but I am also 10 months into being sober, purely out of choice. NEEDING either coffee or alcohol to survive motherhood just wasn’t something we wanted to support, because again it’s YOUR choice. Needing is an addiction. Wanting is a choice.




London, United Kingdom - hello@supermumsociety.com

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